Do you get sugar cravings? Or do you eat a lot of food that contains added sugars or sweeteners?

  • ✔︎ Do you experience highs or lows in energy?
  • ✔︎ Do you feel tired or are in need of a nap after you eat?
  • ✔︎ Do you feel that you eat too much sugar?
  • ✔︎ Have you been diagnosed with PCOS, Adrenal Fatigue, or Type 2 Diabetes?
  • ✔︎ Are your iron levels low despite eating a healthy diet?
  • ✔︎ Do you have more than 2 cups of coffee or tea a day?
  • ✔︎ Are you simply tired of feeling tired all the time?
  • ✔︎ Would you like to lose weight?
Live Sessions Take Place at 11:30am within the Facebook Group: Healthy Living with Varsha
Day 1: Friday 16th July – then you get the weekend to prepare
Day 2-5: Monday 19th – Thursday 22nd July

This sugar detox will help you to:
✔︎ Learn about the sugars, sweeteners, and the difference
✔︎ Learn how to identify sugars and sweeteners and know which ones are fine to have and ones you should avoid
✔︎ Learn how to choose healthier food and snacks
✔︎ Go food shopping more confidently to buy healthier food items
✔︎ Feel healthier and have more energy
✔︎ Learn the foundational tools you need to lose weight
✔︎ Become more confident in how you choose to live a healthier life
✔︎ Improve quality of sleep

5 Days is all you need and you can eliminate sugars and sweeteners from your diet for good

This course is a very unique course in that you will be able to reduce and even eliminate sugar from your diet in just 5 days.

Within this course, we will cover the following:

  • Introduction to Sugars and its various forms
  • How to prepare for a sugar detox
  • Sugar substitutes and snacking
  • Actually reducing or eliminating the sugar
  • Role of protein
  • Truth about carbohydrates and how they actually help during a sugar detox
  • Making Healthy Food Choices
  • Continuing without sugar