5 Signs You Need a Detox

On a daily basis, whether or not you are aware, you are generally exposed to a countless number of toxins whether its through the environment or what you are consuming. Our digestive system is designed to naturally detox and eliminate toxins. In fact its our liver’s main job to ensure that we can eliminate the toxic load efficiently and without causing the body any further harm. So, if our bodies are naturally designed to detox, then why do we have to do a special detox programme? The answer is quite simple, we need to do a detox programme when the toxic load on the system is too much for the body to handle on a day to day basis. Here are the top signs that you need to detox:

1. Excessive fatigue and lethargy

In general, you should have a steady amount of energy throughout the day. Sure, we all have highs and lows sometimes, but for the most part, you should feel good all day long. If you tend to feel excessively tired after meals, then that is also a sign that your digestion is struggling. If you have trouble sleeping or have trouble waking up then you could also use a detox.

2. Unexplained headaches, joint and muscle pain

Believe it or not, headaches and any sort of body pain should not be considered normal. More often than not, when your headaches or joint/muscle pain are unexplained then this is another sign that your body is facing a toxic overload and really needs some cleaning up.

3. Digestive Upset

If you experience chronic diarrhoea or chronic constipation then that is one of the most clear signs of all. You should have at least 1 and up to 3 bowel movements a day in which the stools are properly formed and rate a 4 on the Bristol Stool Chart. Any sign of indigestion such as acid reflux or bloating is also an indicator that you may need to detox.

4. Weak Immune System

Your immune system is a reflection on how well your digestive system is working. If you suffer from chronic coughs and colds and seem to constantly catch every bug thats going around, then that is a sign that you have a weakened immune system and perhaps a weakened digestive system too.

5. Drinking, smoking, and too much sugar

If you have more than 1-2 alcoholic drinks a day, are a smoker, or if you eat too much sugar then you definitely need to detox frequently. Alcohol, cigarettes, and sugar all place too much of a burden on your liver and thus your liver needs a break and more frequent cleansing.

If you experience any of the above signs of symptoms, then you should seriously consider doing a detox. As my readers are aware, there is only one brand that I recommend for doing a home detox yourself and that is by Amrita Wellness as they are the ONLY brand that do not have any additives or “nasties” in their formula for their detox sachets. Plus, they follow the number one rule in detoxing and that is to engage in balanced clean eating. If you would like more professional help, please do feel free to contact me or speak to a qualified professional or you can order your own home detox kit here.

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