A Perspective on Healing

For me, curing is different than healing. I am a promoter of health and healing. One of my goals as a health professional is to empower every individual…your health is in your hands. You have more control over your health and your decisions than it may seem. Do not be afraid to question or challenge your doctor or any medical provider you work with. When it comes to your health, go with what you believe is to be true.

Yes, I do pulse diagnosis and I work with a variety of health conditions. But I do not just treat symptoms…I work with the whole person. I am in alternative medicine and if you are simply looking for a cure or a magic pill, I am not your go-to person. When it comes to your health, there is no such thing as a miracle pill. Ayurveda will tell you the same thing along with all the other modalities of healing. For true healing to occur, it takes time, patience, and work. Healing is a journey and a process, and is not always about the pill.

We live in a world governed by Big Pharma that says that there is a pill for everything. The more reading you do, the more you will discover that Big Pharma is all about the money and not so much about healing. Don’t get me wrong, Big Pharma has helped to do some good as well, especially in cases of trauma, chronic diseases, and increasing life span, but they also do not have all the answers. The truth is that nobody has all the answers for every single problem. That is why people work together in teams to come up with solutions. Do not be afraid to get second opinions.

As a child, I was vaccinated with the BCG vaccine, which prevents Tuberculosis, also known as TB. Therefore, if you ever do a TB skin test, you will test positive because you already have the antibodies for it. As a teenager, I was given the skin test to be able to work at the hospital and therefore, I tested false positive. I went and got a chest x-ray and I was cleared to be negative for TB. However, I still had to visit my pediatrician. I went and saw her and she said that I needed to be put on a six-month medication program. I was recommended to take medication for a condition that I did not have! Where is the logic in that? My parents took me in for a second opinion in which the doctor said that I did not need to be medicated and that I should never ever take another skin test in my life. The nurse who administered the TB-skin test overlooked the fact that I had a BCG vaccine. For all of you out there with a BCG vaccine, keep in mind that you are to never take the skin test, which could potentially end up being fatal. You are to do the chest x-ray.

How does my tangent story relate to healing? Well, think about it. If my parents and I had blindly trusted the first doctor, I would have had to take medication with adverse side effects. I still remember hearing the doctor say that the side effects of the primary medication included kidney and liver failure so I would need additional drugs to balance the first drug. That’s scary. Healing also means to follow common sense. Get second opinions and do not blindly trust your health to just anybody. Do your research!

Stay tuned in the coming weeks, where I will share with you my meaning of healing and some different methods for healing, along with what true healing is really all about.

In the meantime, I ask all of you to explore what your meaning of healing is? How do you define healing?

Happy healing!