Ate too much food? Remedies for overeating…

With holiday season coming up and all the food you will be eating, I thought that I just give all of you a few remedies for overeating. Although I highly discourage overeating because of the variety of health problems it may cause, but nevertheless, being practical, here are some remedies:

1) First and foremost is to avoid overeating…lol. Seriously though, its better to eat smaller portions throughout the day then it is to overeat. Therefore, if you are enjoying a full chicken roast with all of the sides, then have smaller portions of it about every 3 hours and then you get to enjoy more of your food for a longer period of time.

2) Drink peppermint tea (but not if you are prone to having heartburn). If you get heartburn, drink hot water. Of course, everyone can drink hot water with lemon after eating.

3) An Ayurvedic technique is to lay down on your left side because it helps your stomach relax more and therefore helps to pass your food down from your stomach and into the small intestine. This technique is great to use anytime, especially if you feel you ate too much before bed.

4) Relax after eating. Never get up from the table immediately after finishing your meal. Its best to to sit for about 10 minutes and then get up.

5) Rather than rushing around after your meal, its best to follow what one of my Ayurvedic teachers used to say, “After lunch rest a while, after dinner walk a little”. Therefore, if you have had a massive lunch, rest and relax. The dishes and cleaning can wait for about 30 minutes. If its after dinner, go for a nice stroll (after you have sat at the table for 10 minutes after your meal)

The key factor to remember as holiday season approaches is to keep your digestion strong. Food should always give you fuel and make you feel better and have more steady levels of energy. If you aren’t sure if your digestive system is strong enough or if you need help improving your digestion, then send me an email at