Boost Your Immunity for COVID-19

This is officially Hydration and Nutrition Week and it couldn’t come at a better time. Yes, there is no official cure for COVID-19 and officially no way to prevent it. As it stands anyone who tells you otherwise is spreading fake news, so be sure to check their credentials. However, if you think about this logically, then there are ways you can help make your immune system stronger so that your body has a better chance at fighting it more easily. I am a strong believer in herbal and natural home remedies, but remember, nothing is proven when it comes to COVID-19. That is why I am bringing you real tips that can help make your immune system stronger as that is the only real thing you can do.

Whenever you get sick and go to the GP, their advice is always the same, get fluids, plenty of rest, and eat well, especially when they think that the bug you have caught is a virus. This is exactly the same thing to do to strengthen your immunity. If you think about this coronavirus logically, it is just a new virus that is spreading quickly. Our bodies are constantly fighting off new viruses and bacterium and majority of the time, we don’t even notice. So rather than panic and think of it as the world is coming to an end, let’s use this time to reflect within and see how we can make changes to our diets and lifestyle so that we can give our immune systems a better fighting chance. 

  1. Stay hydrated! And believe it or not, when you work from home, it can be even more challenging. For many people, less activity means less water intake. Therefore, I suggest that you carry a water bottle with you every where you go throughout your home. If you are working, then have a water bottle at your desk within your peripheral vision so that you can remember to drink water. The reason why it is even more important to stay hydrated is because the more hydrated you are, the better your body can absorb nutrients, which means that your immune system has better support to stay stronger.
  1. Keep your digestive system in check. Yes, I am going to say it. Ensure that you have healthy bowel movements, which is generally one a day that is solid and well formed. The principle here is the same in that the stronger your digestive system, the better your body can absorb the nutrients it consumes. If you are struggling with your digestion and are experiencing heartburn, constipation, diarrhoea, etc then get in touch. This is the best time to get your digestion sorted. 
  1. Eat your fruits and vegetables. In order to have a nutritiously rich diet, you need to have a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and protein sources. Fruits and vegetables are even more important as they are high in antioxidants. Having a diet high in antioxidants is a great way to boost your immune system. The best way to ensure variety is to try and eat a rainbow of colours throughout the week. Here are some examples of fruits and vegetables in the different coloured categories. Another great way to ensure that you get all of your fruit and veg is to ensure that you include it as part of every meal and snack. 
  1. Do NOT eliminate any food groups unless you have been medically advised to do so. Likewise, do not stock up on foods that others may need for medical purposes. Some see this social isolation as a time to diet, but doing so without proper care and supervision can really reduce your immunity levels. Do not avoid gluten, dairy, etc unless you need to because you have been advised or recommended by a qualified health professional. Having gluten will not reduce your immunity levels. But in fact having foods such as whole wheat flour, which is high in fibre can promote healthier bowel movements which in turn helps your body absorb the diet you are having that is high in antioxidants. If you are trying to lose weight, get in touch and I can help you without compromising your dietary needs. 
  1. Do NOT stock up on junk food. Personally, I believe that there will be enough food for everyone. I am not stocking up, but I always have food in my freezer and always have plenty of stored dried items like grains and legumes. When shopping, it is best to buy real food. You can always freeze any extras or leftovers and have it again at a later date. Junk food, ie most processed foods lack in nutritional value and therefore may not support your immune system. The key is to keep your immune system strong. Therefore, turn to your fruits, vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, and healthy protein sources. 

I cannot stress enough how important it is to keep your immune system strong. Smoking, drinking alcohol, excessive caffeine consumption, too much sugar, are all things that will reduce your immunity levels. Keep your immune system strong so that if you do catch COVID-19, your body will have a better chance at fighting it.

Need help? Not sure what to eat or what to buy? I can help you with everything from doing your online grocery food shop to creating a personalised meal plan for you. Just get in touch. I am here to help everyone get through the chaos as stress free as possible. Be sure to stay subscribed and follow me on social media so that you can stay up to date with my latest tips.

Be safe, stay healthy and happy,