• Combining Fruit and Milk

    We have all seen the commercials on TV where they mix in strawberries with the Cheerios cereal. Cheerios is a healthy cereal and you already know how big of a supporter of milk I am. But what about mixing in fruit with milk? What are the rules behind that and really, how healthy is that?

    Before I tell you the answer, let me ask you a question. If you put lemon into your milk, what will happen to your milk? It will curdle, right? The sourness of the lemon will cause the milk to go sour and hence go bad. It is the sour quality that affects the quality of milk. Even if you add salt to milk, the milk will curdle.

    So really, milk can only be combined with only purely sweet and ripe fruits. For example, a ripe, sweet mango can be combined with milk. Raisins and dates can also be combined. All berries are a no. That strawberry may be sweet, but it is also sour in taste. When you add the berries to your milk, it may not curdle right away, but it will curdle in your stomach. This will lead to indigestion and other digestive problems.

    What about bananas and milk? Ripe bananas are sweet in taste, but its property changes by the time it goes from your mouth down to the stomach. By the time the banana reaches your stomach, it becomes sour. Therefore, if you mix the banana with milk, the banana will cause the milk to curdle in your stomach and therefore, you will most likely feel really heavy afterwards. Remember, after eating any meal or snack, you should not feel heavy afterwards. If you are feeling heavy, then you are having indigestion.

    With that said and bananas being the one exception to the rule, only purely sweet tastes can be mixed with milk. Not sure what the exact taste or quality is of a fruit? Send me an email and I will let you know. Also, I am working on a chart that outlines the most common fruits, vegetables, and other foods, in which I will let you know what its tastes are and how it affects the doshas. So keep a look out for that…it should be up in a few weeks.

    Eat your fruits and drink your milk!!! Separately, they are very good for you. And by separately, I mean to say that you should allow at least one hour (ideally three hours) in between the consumption of the fruit and milk. This way, you won’t be mixing the two together during the digestive process :)

    Health and happiness,


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  1. mittal says:

    can guava b mixed with milk

  2. Rohan says:

    Very nice info….i was searching for this topic. And u gave me nice info…. 🙂
    Thanks a ton….:)

  3. Deen says:

    Hi, thank you so much for all these information.
    We have a habit in my family to mix avocado with milk and sugar, do you think it’s healthy?
    Thank you,

    • Varsha says:

      I recommend that milk and avocado should not be mixed together. Avocado is best used in a sandwich, guacamole, or into a fresh juice or smoothie made with yogurt.

  4. J says:

    I combine an apple, a banana and milk and eat them with my wheat flakes. What changes do I need to make?

    Thanks & Regards

    • Varsha says:

      You can have your wheat flakes with milk, but I would avoid adding the apple and banana. You can have both fruits as a snack later on during the day. You can add properly ripe mangoes, dates, coconut, or raisins to your wheat flakes, which will be suitable combinations.

      Health and happiness,


  5. shirisha says:

    Hi Varsha,

    Fruit salad is god for health please let me know??

    • Varsha says:

      Fruit Salad is fine to have as it is generally made with cream. But Ayurveda recommends only having cream and fruit occasionally as it can be quite heavy and promotes excess Kapha in the body.

  6. Mithlaj says:

    What about a watermelon which is ripe and sweet. Does it combine well with milk ?

  7. Ivana says:

    HI, I would like to ask about combining yoghurt and fruit. Isnt it same as with milk,?

    Thank you

    • Varsha says:

      Hi Ivana. Excellent question. No, its not the same thing because yogurt is a cultured dairy product that is sour in property. Therefore, yogurt can be mixed with any fruits.

  8. Can Papaya combined with milk? i heard a lot lately that this combination is not recommended for health. what are your thoughts on the same?

  9. Hi ,
    Read your info about mixing fruits and milk… liked your explanations as they are quite logical .
    Wanted to know if it is okay to mix fruits and vegetables like cucumber , tomatoes etc, vegetable salads ?

  10. Julie says:

    Hi, thank you for this information. I have been wondering for such a long time why some times my smoothies curdle and others they done. I’m lactose intolerant so I was thinking it must have been the lactose free milk. Do you know if it would be okay to mix strawberries, blueberries and bananas with almond milk?

  11. Farah says:

    Can you use almond milk with fruits like apple, banana, Berries instead of plain milk and yogurt so that the milk don’t curdle. Thanks, Farah

    • Varsha says:

      Hi Farah. Yes, you can have almond milk with fruits like apple and banana. Only cow’s milk is best to not mix with other fruits, but dairy-milk alternatives are fine to have. Yogurt and other cultured dairy products are also fine to have with fruits.

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