Energy Healing

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing. Vedic sound therapy is also the Indian form of energy healing. Massage may also constitute as energy healing. So really, what is energy healing? Again, energy healing is one of the forms of healing modalities that has many definitions. Stating positive affirmations according to “The Secret” and even using the Law of Attraction are all forms of utilizing energy healing.

We are surrounded by energy, because without energy we cannot function. For example, it takes energy to lift a heavy box, and it takes energy to come home and cook after a long day at work. The body needs energy to digest the meal and energy is also needed for the nerves within our nervous system to function. Blood circulation and the beating of the heart also takes a lot of energy.

There is a book called, “The Hidden Messages in Water,” and the examples of the hidden messages are also in the movie, “What The Bleep Do We Know.” The book and movie speak about how water forms crystals according to the messages written on the container of the water bottle. For example, if anything negative is stated on the bottle, such as “you make me sick,” then the water crystals become very dark and ugly, and ultimately, that is what you are drinking. Whereas, if the water bottle states “love and happiness,” beautiful crystals are formed. It is hard to see the difference with the naked eye, so a more realistic example are plants. If you play heavy rock music, the plant is more likely to not survive, then if you play classical music.

It really is all about what you put out there. It is the energy you give off that is absorbed by your surroundings. Food made with love always tastes better. It is all forms of energy. The first time I spoke to a friend of mine about Reiki and energy healing, he understood it to be as a form of positivity and optimism. Which is true. Remember, positive energy attracts positivity and negative energy attracts negativity. When I do Reiki or energy healing work for others, really, all that I am doing is sending them positive, clearing, healing energy to clear out the blockages and negativity. Meditation is another form of energy healing and so are positive affirmations. Energy is in your thoughts and in your actions. Use your energy wisely. There really is no exact definition of energy healing. The best way to define it is to describe it and as my friend stated, it really is a form of bringing about positivity. For example, the more negative you are, the darker and gloomier you are and thus your energy will be darker and dull. On the other hand, the happier you are, the more positivity you have, and therefore, your energy is much clearer.

Therefore, the next time you fall sick, try energy healing on yourself, by remaining positive and being happy and watch how much more quicker you recover.

Health and happiness,