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Healthier eating and living should be simple. And that is what I do for you – I simplify it all so that you can focus on one area of your health and wellbeing at a time. 

It is the membership to learn about holistic health in which we truly work on balancing the mind-body-spirit in a simple way. This is the place to learn about ayurveda, nutrition, yoga, stress management, essential oils, and so much more! Because there is more than one way to live a healthier life, but it starts with focusing on one area of your health at a time.

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  • Once a week exclusive members only healthy living/eating newsletter. Complete with tips to improve your diet and lifestyle
  • Monthly Guidebook/E-book filled with information and tips to improve your diet and lifestyle
  • Monthly plant based meal plan complete with recipes – 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 7 dinners, and 7 snacks. Additional meat based recipes are also provided
  • Monthly Access to Varsha’s Office Hours

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I am so glad to be member of Holistic Healthy as it provides such an in depth information to address different segments of health with much positive attitude. Varsha is an awesome guru teaching holistic health in much simplified way that truly helps to improve health and lifestyle.


I really look forward to receiving the recipes each month, Varsha is so knowledgeable and she makes me feel at ease and I am getting back to a friendly relationship with food. I have started to eat healthier and not only me but also my family too. It’s great that there is support throughout the month and she always replies to any email questions I have. I would highly reccomend being part of this community! 

Asha – Distinct Styling

Varsha has a wealth of knowledge to share on food, exercise, self-care and how to incorporate and make those healthy choices fit into your lifestyle. So, for me, becoming a member of Holistically Healthy was a chance to gain that knowledge and make an investment in my health & wellbeing.


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Its £11 a month and you can cancel anytime.

Everything is sent straight to your inbox. Even the meal plans and guidebooks. So that you can download and keep them forever.

In case you missed my introduction, please allow me to introduce myself. I am Varsha Khatri. I understand how busy life can get – after all, I am the mother of two young children and run my own business. I’ve had my own health challenges and I know that the best way to prevent disease is to prioritise self-care, which means taking care of myself first. And believe me, when I take better care of myself, I can better care for my family and clients.

I believe that the choices you make influence your health. I help people make healthier dietary and lifestyle choices so that they can achieve their health goals. This way they can feel healthier and happier. I am a qualified nutritionist, ayurveda consultant, health educator, and senior yoga teacher. I am basically qualified in holistic health. I am also a published author of Think Healthy Choose Healthy.