The mission of Illuminated Health is to promote health and prevent disease through health education, wellness programs, workshops, health consultations, wellness coaching and yoga classes. Illuminated Health is the simple way to approach your health and health care.


Our vision at Illuminated Health is to work with all age groups, from children to seniors. We bring forth the value of health promotion and health education. We are able to make a difference by educating the value of prevention for health. We do not just tell you what to do, what to eat, or how to live. We strive to coach and guide you. Our ultimate vision is for you to recognise that your health is in your hands and that you learn to make all of your own healthy choices!


“Destiny begins with choices made today.”  This is Varsha’s motto in life. Each day we make decisions and we only have today to create a healthier tomorrow. Here at Illuminated Health, we believe that your health is in your hands. Staying healthy and maintaining your health is not meant to be complicated. Maintaining your health and taking care of yourself is easier than finding a remedy. Similar to the classic saying, “prevention is always easier and better than a cure.”

The bottom line in health and life in general is happiness. Laughter, smiles, and happiness are always contagious because they come from the heart. We believe that happiness is the secret ingredient for a healthy life. We strive to help those who are suffering from any sort of imbalance to become balanced and healthy again. We work from the level of our hearts and if you are not there already, we will be with you every step of the way to achieve balanced health. Whether you take our yoga class, have a health consultation or attend one of our health education seminars, you will feel the love and passion we have for health and wellbeing. We strive for a collective healthier tomorrow.