Ojas and Your Health

They say that with a strong immune system, you can combat any disease. But, you can be in the best shape of your life and then suddenly one day, you wake up with pain. How could that make sense? If you always had regular visits to your doctor, then where did that cancer come from? Where did the sudden neuropathy or spasms come from? Where did the migraines come from? Or why can’t the doctors figure out what’s wrong?

These are just some of the most common questions people ask when they all of a sudden find themselves to be “sick.” How in the world can you fix something when you don’t know what’s broken? According to Ayurveda, the answer is simple. Ojas. Ojas, is not only the finest product of digestion, but it is also your immune system, vitality, and energy. You may have the worst of diseases, but as long as you continue to promote Ojas, you will recover from anything that you may have.

Some factors the diminish Ojas are excessive physical exertion, fasting or skipping meals, excessive hunger, rough or inadequate diet, emotions such as anxiety, grief, and worry, loss of sleep, trauma, excessive fatigue, stress, excessive sexual activity, and excessive loss of blood. The odds are, your illness could have begun with one of these factors. These factors are important to know for prevention, but it is even more important to know the factors that promote Ojas for maintaining good health. The factors that enhance Ojas are keeping the channels of circulation clean, a balanced wholesome diet, proper digestion, avoiding negativity, proper amount of sleep, regular exercise, and of course…happiness!!!

If you are sick and want to get better, go through the factors that diminish Ojas. If any of these are a part of your life, then its time to change it and bring it to the positive side. Begin to practice all that which enhances and promotes Ojas, because Ojas is your vitality and your strength. Without the proper functioning of Ojas, you will have excess fatigue, headaches, spasms, and so forth. Ojas is the vital energy that governs our physiology and therefore it is essential to keep Ojas in balance. With Ojas in balance, you will have the clarity of the mind with all the energy you need to accomplish any task.