Paradigm Shift in Health

Many years ago when I was in high school, I was at a friend’s place working on a project for my human biology class and afterwards, my friend’s dad began to ask me questions about what I was going to study in college. Her dad happens to be a plastic surgeon and her mom is an anesthesiologist. I was super excited about my next step being to go off to college to study Ayurveda. This conversation with her dad opened up a whole new world to me, because he ended up lecturing me and telling me that there is no future in natural health or alternative medicine. He told me that I would be wasting my time and that natural remedies do not work and off he went. I also had similar conversations at a local hospital where I volunteered at with the doctors and nurses.

This was all about eight years ago. The point here is that there is a paradigm shift happening. In the last eight years, a lot has changed, especially in the field of health. A few months ago, I went with a friend for moral support to see a neurologist who specializes in ALS. My friend was told that he did not have ALS, but I was surprised to hear the neurologist tell him that alternative medicine is worth a shot because its natural. And if you are only working with diet, it should not make things worse at the least. I also know a neurologist who recommends her patients with Multiple Sclerosis to try Ayurveda and refers them to an Ayurvedic Health Clinic. An Endocrinologist does the same. Using the principles of Ayurveda and yoga, I have worked with many complex cases, especially neurological.

Everyday, I find myself interacting with more and more people who are beginning to or already understand the value of prevention of disease, and see the need for health promotion and education for a healthy future. More and more people spend out of pocket for seeing their alternative health care practitioners and majority of the time, it is due to their lack of satisfaction from the current medical model. People are realizing that there is more to health than popping in a pill. A paradigm shift is occurring in which even medical doctors are aware of the fact that they also cannot deny the presence and importance of natural health in today’s modern health care. The change is happening as we speak. Welcome aboard!

Health and happiness,