Free Meal Plans

For many people, there is nothing more stressful than having to think what do I make for dinner? This is one of the reasons I encourage meal planning. Meal planning is not only more cost effective as you buy only what you need, but also takes the stress away of what you will be making for your meals and snacks. Whether you live by yourself or have a family to care for, meal planning can work well for anybody.

Therefore, from time to time, I will release free meal plans with recipes so that you have a source of inspiration to eat more healthy. You can download the meal plans below.

If you would like a personalised meal plan that is fully tailored to your needs, please get in touch. For a fee, I can create meal plans that are suitable for dietary allergies/intolerances to specialised diets such as low FODMAPS, anti-inflammatory, weight loss, and autoimmune conditions to just name a few. If you have any questions please get in touch.

Wishing you health and happiness,


Family Friendly Meal Plan

Immune Support Meal Plan