The knowledge of Ayurveda and Yoga was originally written in Sanskrit; therefore, below is the translation from Sanskrit words to English. Most often, you will see and hear many Ayurvedic practitioners and Yoga teachers use Sanskrit words. I have simplified the definitions and the glossary will grow over time.

Agni – fire
Ajirn – indigestion
Akasha – sky; space
Ama – toxins, undigested food
Ap – water
Asana – postures as pertaining to the practice of Yoga
Asthi Dhatu – bone, fifth of the seven main dhatus
Ati – excess
Ayu – life
Ayurveda – total knowledge of the science of life; a preventive and herbal approach to health and medicine that originated in India
Charak Samhita – the main text of Ayurveda
Dhatu – tissue of the body, there are 7 main dhatus in the human physiology as classified by the texts of Ayurveda
Dosha – governing principles or bodily humors; they are of three, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha
Guna – quality
Jal – water
Kapha – comprised of water and earth; its main functions include structure, cohesion, and lubrication in the physiology
Karma – action
Majja Dhatu – bone marrow, sixth of the seven main dhatus
Mamsa Dhatu – muscle, third of the seven main dhatus
Manas – mind
Mand Agni – dull, weak digestion; kapha predominant digestion
Meda Dhatu – adipose tissue; fat, fourth of the seven main dhatus
Ojas – finest product of digestion; immunity
Pitta – comprised of fire and water; its main functions include digestion, transformation, and metabolism in the physiology
Prakriti – the essential nature or constitution of the physiology
Prana – vitality; the vital force
Prithivi – Earth
Rajas – spur to action; one of the three main gunas
Rakta Dhatu – blood cells, second of the seven main dhatus
Ras Dhatu – plasma; interstitial fluid; first of the seven main dhatus
Sama – balanced
Sattva – purity; one of the three main gunas
Shukra Dhatu – reproductive tissue, seventh of the seven main dhatus
Tamas – to stop, retard, slow down; one of the three main gunas
Tejas – fire
Tikshna Agni – sharp and strong digestion; pitta predominant digestion
Vata – comprised of air and space; its main functions include movement, communication, and transportation in the physiology
Vayu – wind; air
Veda – knowledge
Vikriti – current state of the physiology; most often refers to the imbalance
Visham Agni – irregular digestion; vata predominant digestion
Yoga – unity; a form of exercise; a physical and spiritual practice