Sulphites – This includes sulphur dioxide, which is often used to preserve fruits especially in freshly cut fruits that may go black, such as bananas and apples. Sulphites are also sprayed onto grapes and used to preserve wine. Sulphites in particular are known to cause allergic reactions and often trigger asthma attacks. It can also cause headaches, nausea, digestive upsets, and diarrhoea. Be sure to cut your own fruit and always wash all your vegetables and fruits before consuming.

Some of the places where you may potentially find sulphites are:

–       Dried fruits
–       Bakery goods
–       Soup mixes
–       Jams
–       Canned vegetables
–       Pickled foods and vinegar
–       Gravies and Sauces
–       Potato crisps
–       Beer
–       Wine
–       Cider
–       Vegetable juices
–       Sparkling grape juice
–       Bottled lemon juice
–       Bottled lime juice
–       Teas
–       Many condiments
–       Molasses
–       Fresh or frozen prawns/shrimp
–       Packaged Guacamole
–       Maraschino cherries
–       Dehydrated, pre-cut, or peeled potatoes
–       Processed meats
–       Many packaged

Some of the “chemical” and “hidden” code names for the different sulphites are:

–       E220 – Sulphur dioxide
–       E221 – Sodium sulphite
–       E222 – Sodium hydrogen sulphite
–       E223 – Sodium metabisulphite
–       E224 – Potassium metabisulphite
–       E226 – Calcium sulphite
–       E227 – Calcium hydrogen sulphite
–       E228 – Potassium hydrogen sulphite
–       E150b – Caustic sulphite caramel
–       E150d – Sulphite ammonia caramel