Sleep Science

People are quite obsessed about sleep and well they should be because it is of paramount importance to our wellbeing and overall health. A good night’s sleep can really set a person up to have a productive and motivated day. A lack of sleep creates instant lethargy and can cause moodiness. While everyone will experience a poor night’s sleep at some stage of their lives, it’s the more prolonged periods that can really cause problems to people’s health. While of course, if something like this does happen, it’s advisable to seek medical assistance, there are ways you can try yourself without medication to put things right. Stresses and strains in life like work problems can keep people awake at night and then other people suffer from poor sleep due to their responsibilities of minding their children. It’s important to air your concerns and if you have a partner, to discuss sharing the load. Focusing too much on your lack of sleep too can actually exacerbate the issue but tiredness is very difficult to surmount as it just keeps catching up on you. Caffeine can help matters but in the long run, excessive amounts can actually have the opposite impact.

This infographic from the guys at EZ Living covers the whole topic of sleep science. Learn why sleep is so vital to a person’s wellbeing; learn why issues occur and crucially learn how to alleviate the issue with some actionable tips and advice including lighting, interiors and colour psychology. Check it out!