Therapeutic Uses of Ginger

Every spice is filled with a variety of healing properties. In fact every vegetable, every fruit, every grain, each of them have their own medicinal properties. As time goes on, I would like to share all that information with you on what food or spice is good for what ailment. For now, I would like to start with ginger.

In traditions around the world, ginger is used therapeutically. Most health professionals recognize the amazing healing qualities found in ginger. According to Ayurveda, ginger pacifies both kapha and vata, and it increases pitta. Ginger’s most impressive quality is how it helps digestion. It is an excellent spice for digestion and cleansing the body of ama (undigested food in the body). Ginger is excellent for constipation, the heart, cholesterol, coughs and colds, improves circulation, headaches, relieves distention, is a blood purifier and its great for respiratory conditions. Really, these are just some conditions in which ginger is good for. In reality, you can use ginger for just about any ailment.

The bigger question here is how do you use it. For coughs and colds, a remedy I use widely is green tea with fresh ginger and lemon. You will find some immediate relief and you will find that your recovery time has been reduced by at least half. Drink it about 3 to 4 times a day at minimum. If you find that you don’t like green tea, simply having hot water with ginger and lemon will also do the trick. Green tea is high in anti-oxidants and that is one reason why I like to add green tea to this home remedy.

To increase digestion, have a slice of fresh ginger before meals. Ginger will stimulate the digestion and is also good for those who have a loss of appetite. To prevent bloating, have a glass of hot water with ginger during meals. Another great way to ensure that you are able to digest your meal is to cook with ginger. Ginger adds spice and flavour to your meals.

Ginger can also be used for chronic arthritis. Take about 10 grams of freshly grated ginger and boil it in about 1 liter of water. Sip this warm infusion only during the day. This same remedy can be used for vata type of pain.

Let me know if you have any questions, but ginger is excellent for just about everyone. However, never apply any sort of ginger pastes to skin lesions and rashes and do not use in cases of severe bleeding and high fevers.

Health and happiness,