What is Health?

I often get asked, “What is health?” or “What is my definition of health?” There is the common expression, “health is wealth.” That is true because as long as you have your health, you have everything. If you have your health, you can overcome any obstacle without any barriers. But here is where I differ. Health does not mean an absence of illness, disease, or imbalance. Health is flexibility. Health is the ability to cope with the imbalance you may have.

I would say that over 99% of the world has some sort of an imbalance. Some may have symptoms, but majority of the people do not have any obvious signs or symptoms. Of course we all want to feel good and feel healthy. But have you ever looked at those who are fighting against their illness, or optimistic cancer survivors? Or how about those who have some sort of disability, such as blindness? Have you seen how happy they are? Why are they so happy? Because they have accepted their imbalances and are happy with what they do have. They have a strong willpower to be able to effectively cope with their imbalance and still enjoy life. Many people begin to feel sorry for themselves when they “get sick,” and begin to say, “why me?” or “poor me.” Truth is that just because you catch a cold, have a headache, or even have cancer, does not mean that you are not healthy.

Health is how you feel. You may have a cold, or you may have cancer, but it is how you look at it. How do you treat yourself or what do you think of yourself? Health is how well you cope with your imbalance. You can be sick, but are you going to let it interfere with your life? No. Whatever imbalance you may have, face it with a smile and always be happy. Majority of the cure lies with how happy you are. It is your health and it is all about your perception. Do not let your weaknesses bring you down. Rather, show yourself how strong you are. Your health is in your hands.

Health and happiness,