Yoga for Stress

We all know from experience that stress can affect our ability to work efficiently. No doubt, there are a handful of people who can naturally deal with a greater amount of stress than others. However, the bottom line is that majority of the population has no effective way of dealing with stress. Some of the symptoms of stress are anger, frustration, making mistakes, not thinking clearly, decrease in work efficiency, and greater risk of illness. Eating chocolate or junk food and arguing with a loved one about your problems at work will not be the solution to your problems.

One of the questions I often get asked is how to cope with stress. With the economy struggling due to inflation, high cost of living, rising gas prices, and a tough job market, stress is in the air. For the average adult, high loads of stress usually comes from family, work, and finances. For students, some ways they are affected by stress are from class, homework, finances, dating, and peer pressure. Regardless of your age, you have stress in your life.

For each person, his or her method to cope with stress is different because each individual is different from the other. However, for a large amount of the population, exercise seems to be most effective way of dealing with high amounts of stress. But what type of exercise? There are so many different forms of exercise out there. The one I feel is most efficient in coping with stress, is Yoga. A Hatha yoga class will cover all the needs to relax away the stress. The practice of Yoga will clear your mind and relax your body. Furthermore, yoga will allow for a more integrated functioning of the mind and body.

The unique aspect of Hatha Yoga is that a really good yoga class will cover cardio, strength, and flexibility. Along with the physical benefits, this particular type of yoga will also cover some meditation and other relaxation techniques. Yoga will allow you to become and stay physically fit while allowing your mind to relax and be stress free. Many of us carry our stress on our shoulders for example. Yoga will allow for us to take care of the tight shoulders and the headaches, while clearing the mind through Pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation.

Happy balancing!