“I’ve been attending Varsha’s Yoga lessons for over 20 months now. I’ve hugely benefited from the same. Regular Yoga has certainly improved my concentration, ability to stay calm under pressure and hence my productivity and effectiveness.” ~ Vikram Nair, President EMEA, Tech Mahindra

“I am very pleased with the recommendations Varsha has made over the last year to help Abby’s dyslexia.  Abby used to have a lot of learning difficulties, some of which were due to ‘brain fog’ caused by digestive problems, which Varsha has helped us tackle. Abby is a competitive athlete, and Varsha also made sure Abby was eating right to help her compete in her sport nationally. I would certainly recommend Varsha to any other parent whose child has learning difficulties or other concerns.” ~ Liz, CEO of Engaging Eyes

“I have worked with Varsha for around 18 months now, and it has literally changed my life! At the time, I suffered from very de-railing PMS, and also had a history of heart disease in my family, so although I wasn’t overweight and exercised, I wanted to be sure that whatever I was putting into my body was as helpful as possible. I was also attempting to get pregnant with no luck. 18 months on, what I thought I knew about food has completely changed!  I am more educated, aware and I feel I make good choices for my body and my health. And she encourages forgiveness which the critical voice in my head needs! She doesn’t allow you to beat yourself up, but to balance some excesses with generally good food choices, which I think a more realistic approach. As a result of our work together my PMS was practically non-existent, I feel less stressed, I feel balanced and in control of what goes into my body, I feel good about the choices I make, people noticed and complimented me on looking healthy and I became pregnant! I definitely attribute these amazing changes in my life and my amended relationship with food and nutrition to Varsha and her fantastic advice, and 24/7 support. I can’t thank you enough Varsha!” ~ Nina

“Varsha has been pivotal in helping me to get control of my diet. Her approach has challenged the way that I see food and what it means to me. I have managed to lose 8kg with Varsha’s help and support and the level of accessibility I had to Varsha as and when I needed her was outstanding and made sure I had a safety net when needed” ~ Jane, London

“Varsha is a very skilled and knowledgeable therapist, combining her training in nutrition with Ayurvedic medicine.  She favours natural ways to heal health problems and suggests only very few supplements, the aim being to dispense with these eventually when the body has healed and natural food is maintaining health. With her advice my long term constipation and poor digestion has been healed and my memory is improving.  She is an absolute mine of helpful information using natural seeds and spices which most people have to hand in their kitchens. I always like going to see Varsha, she is always very encouraging and also charming!” ~ JB, Ealing

“I cannot believe how well I have been feeling! Before working with Varsha, food always made me feel sick. After just a few months of working with her, I discovered what my food triggers were and have eliminated the foods that caused my digestive discomfort. I now feel my best with increased energy.” ~ D.G., West Drayton

“Last weekend I attended the Nutrition workshop delivered by Varsha Khatri of Illuminated Health. I have previously used Varsha’s services as well and her holistic approach to diet and nutrition makes it such a refreshing change from what we may have heard or experienced before. At this workshop Varsha shared various practical and simple ways to healthier eating and healthy life-style by boosting metabolism and improving digestion. I am absolutely sure that I am not the only one who took tips and inspiration from this workshop and made some changes to the eating habits.” ~ Dipa K., Harrow

“Breathtaking YOGA class in Ruislip – excellent- relaxing therapy with amazing Varsha who gives u new life after each class! Thank you Varsha” ~ Nila, Ruislip

“Varsha delivered 2 great workshops for Hobbs Head Office employees. She was engaging and insightful.” ~ Natalie A., Hobbs Ltd