This is the membership that will help you make healthier dietary and lifestyle choices in the most simplified of ways.

In a world where we have to remember multiple websites along with multiple log-ins, Holistically Healthy members get all the information they need straight to their inbox*.

Here is what you get every month:

  • Once a week exclusive members only healthy living/eating newsletter. Complete with tips to improve your diet and lifestyle
  • Monthly Guidebook/E-book filled with information and tips to improve your diet and lifestyle
  • Monthly meal plan complete with recipes – 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 7 dinners, and 7 snacks. Meal plans contain both the plant based and meat based meal plans
  • Monthly Q&A session with Varsha

You can register anytime. However, if you miss a month, there is no catch up available for the content. The guidebooks and meal plans are available for only that month. 

Here are the topics for the next three months:

January – Clean eating
February – Balancing Hormones
March – Superfoods for Health

Remember, all the content comes to your inbox as an email. Nothing fancy – its as simple as it gets. You don’t even need an app or a new log in.

Additional benefits of becoming a member:

  • – Free entry to paid online masterclasses
  • – Exclusive plant based meal plans coming soon
  • – Discounts to take group courses

* Emails can sometimes end up in your spam. It is your responsibility to ensure that all emails are landing in your inbox.

**Subscription renews automatically until you cancel. You can cancel anytime.