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I am so glad to be member of Holistic Healthy as it provides such an in depth information to address different segments of health with much positive attitude. Varsha is an awesome guru teaching holistic health in much simplified way that truly helps to improve health and lifestyle.


I really look forward to receiving the recipes each month, Varsha is so knowledgeable and she makes me feel at ease and I am getting back to a friendly relationship with food. I have started to eat healthier and not only me but also my family too. It’s great that there are monthly calls and she always replies to any email questions I have. I would highly reccomend being part of this community!

Asha – Distinct Styling

Varsha has a wealth of knowledge to share on food, exercise, self-care and how to incorporate and make those healthy choices fit into your lifestyle. So, for me, becoming a member of Holistically Healthy was a chance to gain that knowledge and make an investment in my health & wellbeing.


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