For our general Terms and Conditions please refer to the section titled Terms & Conditions on our website. 

In addition to our general Terms and Conditions, the following terms and conditions apply if you opt for our nutrigenomics testing service.

Nutrigenomics Testing is a method by which the latest genomics science is applied to understand an individual’s genetic make-up, which defines the body’s response to one’s diet and lifestyle. In a nutrigenomics test, DNA tests are carried out to identify specific genetic markers. By analysing your genes’ response to your diet and lifestyle, food intolerances, weight-loss problems, and other health issues can be resolved.

We can only recommend nutrigenomics testing after carrying out a nutrition consultation with you, whereby we can discuss your concerns and determine if a nutrigenomics test is required.

You can purchase nutrigenomics test kits from us. We stock test kits supplied by Lifecode Gx, and Genova Diagnostics, both of which are private accredited laboratories. You can refer to their terms and conditions and privacy policies by clicking on the following links:

Lifecode Gx –    Terms and Conditions     Privacy Policy         Cookie Policy

Genova Diagnostics –    Terms and Conditions      Privacy Policy         Cookie Policy

When you purchase nutrigenomics test kits from us:
The payment for the kit must be made to us.

On receiving payment, we dispatch the kit to your shipping address.

The kit is a self-test kit which comes with instructions for you to carry out the test. The test is non-invasive and includes collecting a sample of your saliva by way of a swab test.

You will then send your DNA sample to the laboratory using the pre-paid courier materials.

The laboratory will send the test results directly to us, and we will in-turn share the test results with you. By opting for nutrigenomics testing through us, you consent to:
your Personal Data (as defined in our privacy policy and in Article 4 of the GDPR 2106/679 and the UK GDPR) being collected by us
your Personal Data being collected and processed by the laboratory that receives your specimens
the laboratory sharing your Personal Data with us

We will review your results, and schedule a follow-up call with you to explain the results and plan next steps for your health

Packages and Terms of Payment
Our nutrigenomics testing service is priced differently depending on the number and type of reports you wish to receive, as your sample will then be tested for that many parameters.

Every package includes a follow-up consultation with us whereby we explain test results to you, and help plan next steps for your health.

You can purchase the service you desire (based on the number of reports you wish to receive) via our website, or by contacting us on 01895 602 695, or by emailing us at

We use ‘Stripe’ as the payment gateway to facilitate payments. Please note that Stripe is a third-party payment platform that we use only for the purposes of receiving and processing payments. We encourage you to read Stripe’s terms and conditions (, and privacy policy ( In addition, please note that ‘Stripe’ is the registered proprietor of its trade mark and other Intellectual Property rights to its website, and content published thereon. We claim no rights of ownership to the Intellectual Property relating to a third-party website and/or content displayed or published on such websites.

When you pay via our website, a payment receipt will be sent to your email.

You may also be able to make payment via bank transfer, in which case payment details will be mentioned on your invoice.

We understand that an upfront payment may not always be feasible. Payment plans are therefore available if you choose to purchase 5 (five) reports or more. Under our payment plans, you can spread payment over 3 (three) instalments. Please note that a test kit will only be dispatched once we receive full payment.

To know more about our payment plans please call us on 01895602695 or email us at


The specimen sent by you is received directly by the laboratory, and there is no intervention in this process by us.

We are dependent on the laboratories to issue test results, and can therefore not control their processing time and/or delays caused by the laboratories.

Please note that while the laboratories will share your test results with us, they will not share your DNA code with us. Should you wish to receive details about your DNA code, you should contact the laboratories directly.

You agree and warrant that any samples submitted by you as part of the nutrigenomics testing process are your own and that you have followed the prescribed instructions. We shall not be responsible for errors in following the self-test instructions, and the submission of samples to the laboratory

Please note that the information provided in the nutrigenomics testing reports, your personalised nutrition plan based upon the nutrigenomics testing report, and our follow-up consultation should not be used for diagnostic or treatment purposes, and these are not a substitute for personal medical advice. You must consult a qualified health professional if you have any concerns about your health or specific medical conditions you are suffering from. You should not delay or ignore medical advice because of any information contained in your testing reports or received during the follow-up consultation. Nor should you interpret any information contained in the testing reports or received during the follow-up consultation as a recommended treatment plan or course of action.

Our objective in advising you to undergo a nutrigenomics test is only to enable a preventative, pro-active and personalised approach to health, nutrition, and lifestyle. These tests are therefore not intended to be used for diagnosis of medical conditions.

Please note that nutrigenomics is a new science, and is still an evolving field of study. While laboratories produce results that are as accurate as possible, we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy of results.

The information provided in your nutrigenomics test results is neither exhaustive nor absolute, and may not be applicable to individual circumstances should the information be subsequently deemed inaccurate or out of date by virtue of new scientific advances. Once your report is provided to you, there will be no further information, feedback, or updates provided to you unless you conclude a separate arrangement for an update regarding new developments.

Your nutrigenomics report constitutes the full extent of information to be provided to you under these terms and conditions, and those of the laboratories performing the nutrigenomics test on your specimen. We make no warranties or representations, either expressed or implied, that this service will meet your requirements or expectations. No advice or information, whether oral or written, obtained through or from the provision of these services, will itself create any warranty or representation or any other obligation.

We understand that sometimes test results may bring up some emotions. We would like you to remember that it is not the intention of the nutrigenomics test to provide specific medical advice but rather to provide you with information to better understand the health risks and benefits associated with your genetic tests. This can help you make an optimal
plan for your health and lifestyle. If you feel overwhelmed by your test results, we encourage you to talk to us about your emotions during our follow-up/review call.

Please note that while we use genetics testing to help prevent or mitigate inherited health risks, and while we strive for prevention of the onset of health conditions you may be predisposed to, there is no guarantee that a health condition may be fully preventable.

Age Restrictions – By placing an order for a nutrigenomics test or other functional health test services on our website, you confirm that you are 18 (eighteen) years of age, or that you have ordered a test kit only with the supervision of an adult (i.e., a person above 18 years of age) and/or you ratify that you understand the implications of the purchase agreement and that you will not cancel the agreement and claim a reimbursement after you or any other person have used and enjoyed the benefit of our product(s). Payment information and personal information must be provided by or with the permission of an adult.

Nutrigenomics Test Informed Consent – By purchasing a nutrigenomics test service or any other functional health test service:

you confirm that you have read and agreed to these terms and conditions, as well as our general terms and conditions, and you understand that a nutrigenomics test requires you to submit a DNA sample and to complete questionnaires which you agree to. Your DNA specimen will not be used for any other testing, genetics or otherwise, besides that ordered by you.

you understand that you will be required to register and provide certain information about yourself, and where you do this you agree to provide true, accurate, current, and complete information about yourself as prompted by the relevant registration form and questionnaire.

You consent to your test results issued by the laboratories being shared with us, i.e., with Varsha Khatri of Illuminated Health Limited.

You consent to Illuminated Health Limited receiving your sensitive personal information, and agree to have read and understood Illuminated Health Limited’s privacy policy. You consent to us collecting and processing your Personal Data in accordance with our privacy policy

International Customers

If you order a test kit from outside the United Kingdom, shipping charges shall apply. Shipping charges will depend on the shipping address and the chosen method of delivery.

Please note that if you are ordering from outside the United Kingdom, import duties and taxes may be applicable once the kit reaches your destination country. Please note that we are not responsible for local taxes and import duties and we therefore cannot make any calculations or estimate of the local taxes and import duties that will be incurred.

If you are placing an order internationally, we advise you to contact your local customs authorities for further details on costs and procedures.

Please note that as the purchaser of the testing kit, and/or any products ordered from our website (‘Goods’), you will be the importer of record and as such should ensure that your purchase is in full compliance with the laws of the country into which the Goods are being imported.

Please note that the Goods may be inspected on arrival by custom authorities, and therefore we cannot guarantee that the packaging of your Goods will be free of signs of tampering.

You agree that when you order internationally the United Kingdom consumer protection laws may not apply.

Please also be aware that we do not accept returns of testing kits once they have been dispatched.

Orders and Delivery

Please note that the offer of Goods for sale through our website is aimed exclusively for consumers. Section 2(3) of The Consumer Rights Act 2015 defines a consumer as ‘an individual acting for purposes which are wholly or mainly outside that individual’s trade, business, craft or profession.’ These terms and conditions, and our general terms and conditions apply to all purchase contracts between us and you as a consumer, concluded using our website.

The offer of sale of Goods through our website does not constitute a contractual offer capable of acceptance. Your order constitutes a contractual offer that we may at our sole discretion, accept. Our acceptance is indicated by us sending to you an order confirmation email. Only once we have sent you an order confirmation email, will there be a binding contract between us and you.

Our order confirmation email will contain details of your order, and the corresponding invoice.

We are entitled to refuse your order, (a) if we do not ship Goods to your country, (b) the Goods ordered by you are out of stock (c) if we are not able to successfully use the payment details provided by you, (d) if we are not satisfied with your creditworthiness and/or (e) for any other reason that, by our policies and work ethics justifies our refusal of your order.

If we, for any reason, do not accept your order, no payment shall be taken under normal circumstances. In any event, any sums paid by you in relation to that order will be refunded within 14 (fourteen) Business Days. (‘Business Day’ means a day other than Saturday or Sunday, or a public holiday on which clearing banks in the city of London are open for non-automated commercial business)

The risk in the Goods shall remain with us until they come into your physical possession.

Returns and Cancellation

As we operate a health and wellness service, it is not possible to offer a true returns/cancellation policy, particularly in relation to the nutrigenomics testing service. You are able to cancel the purchase of a nutrigenomics testing and/or other functional health testing kit until the time of dispatch. For medical safety reasons once a kit has been dispatched we cannot accept a return and/or provide a refund (as once dispatched these kits cannot be used again).

If you wish to cancel the purchase of the nutrigenomics testing service, please call us on 01895602695 or email us at at the earliest possible. If a test kit has not been dispatched:

We will cancel your order and refund all payments made up to the date on which you notify us to cancel your order.
Refunds will be made using the payment method originally used by you while making your purchase
Please allow us up to 14 Business Days to process your refund

If a testing kit has been damaged in transit, and the damage is apparent on delivery, you should inform us at the earliest by calling us on 01895602695 or emailing us at To return a damaged kit, please contact us within 14 calendar days to arrange collection and return. We are fully responsible for paying shipment costs, and you will be given the option to have the kit replaced or to be refunded through the payment method originally used when purchasing the kit. Replacement kits will be issued on our receipt of the returned kit. Refunds will be issued no later than 30 calendar days after receipt of the returned kit, and will include standard delivery charges. We regret that we cannot reimburse you for express delivery charges.

Pricing Information:

All pricing information on our website is correct at the time of you placing an order on our website. We reserve the right to change prices and alter or remove any special offers from time to time as necessary. All pricing information is reviewed and updated from time to time.

In the event you were quoted a price for a testing service, and if there was a price adjustment by the time you decided to place the order, the latest price shall apply.

Currently we are not registered for VAT. There is therefore no VAT charged on our services. However, should this change we will update the information at the earliest.

Third-party website links and Intellectual Property Law

The websites the links of which we have provided in these Terms and Conditions as well as on our website relate to the laboratories that will perform the nutrigenomics testing. These websites are not under our control, and we therefore assume no responsibility for the content of such websites. We disclaim liability for any and all forms of loss or damage arising out of the use of them. The inclusion of a link to a third-party site on this website does not imply any endorsement of the third-party sites themselves or of those in control of then.

Unless otherwise expressly stated, the Intellectual Property rights (as defined in our general Terms and Conditions), including but not limited to the Copyright and Trade Marks in the testing kits, other Goods, images, test kit descriptions, testing instructions, and manuals belong to the manufacturers or distributors of such testing kits as applicable.

You shall not make unauthorised use of third-party Intellectual Property, and in case you do, you shall indemnify us for all losses, claims and expenses (including reasonable legal costs) incurred by us as a result of your infringement of third-party Intellectual Property rights.

Illuminated Health Limited’s General Terms and Conditions– You agree that all consultations provided in connection with the nutrigenomics testing shall be governed by our general terms and conditions (including scheduling and rescheduling policies), and that you are bound by our privacy policy which is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulations 2016/679 (‘GDPR’), UK GDPR, the UK Data Protection Act 1998, and any other data protection legislation that applies to us.