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Pulse Diagnosis and Dosha Quiz

You wear a tech based watch to tell you how many beats per minute your heart is pumping. Before science used the pulse to check your heart and the number of beats, Ayurveda used the pulse to diagnose and assess the health of your body. The pulse, according to Ayurveda gives you the full knowledge and insight into the state of health.

As a part of my studying and training in Ayurveda, I learned how to do pulse diagnosis. The pulse is like a story that tells you exactly what is happening within the body through the concept of the three doshas. I place my three fingers on the radial artery that runs on the thumb side of the wrist and then I can “see” the story that is happening.

I use pulse diagnosis to help my clients, those around me and even on myself.

However, it is not always possible to take everyone’s pulse – especially when I see clients online. I very much use the three doshas when personalising my clients dietary and lifestyle recommendations. 

So when its not possible to take a client’s pulse, I have a very thorough dosha questionnaire that I use alongside all my other health intake forms to assess the doshas. Its a system that I have refined over the years of my clinical practice.

Now, I bring to everyone a simple dosha quiz that is open to everyone to take. Unlike other dosha quizzes out there, I do not focus on physical appearance but rather the focus is on the state of your health. Once you take the quiz, I will immediately give you your dominant dosha type and will provide you with detailed advice as to how to balance your dosha to feel better within yourself.

Go ahead – take the quiz today for free. 

So go ahead and check it out. You’ve got nothing to lose but everything to gain as this is the chance to learn more about yourself and how you can improve your health. Once you take the quiz, come back here and share your result! Everyone has one predominant dosha over another, including myself. And knowing this can help you improve your diet and lifestyle.

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