Pulse Diagnosis

One of the most unique approaches in diagnosis in Ayurveda is Pulse Diagnosis. It is through Pulse Diagnosis that many Vaidyas (Ayurvedic Physicians) diagnose and treat patients. There is a different skill and style to using the pulse as an effective tool to diagnose. Although most Vaidyas learn the skill, only a handful are actually really good. Through the pulse, everything about your physiology is known to the Vaidya.

When taking the pulse, a Vaidya will take into consideration more than just the number of beats per minute and how strong the pulse is. When examining the patient through their pulse, a Vaidya will take a look at the physiology on the level of the doshas, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

Through the qualities of the doshas and the various levels of the pulse, the Vaidya will be able to accurately assess the individual’s constitution and the balances and imbalances of the physiology. The three great benefits of self-pulse and pulse diagnosis is the ability to detect balances early on, find the root cause, and restore balance. Ayurveda treatments do last longer because not only does Ayurveda treat the root cause, but it also treats the body as a whole. Pulse diagnosis is an effective method in diagnosis that will allow for an effective treatment.


~ Varsha